Udo, gone completely east

First performed November 2015 at the Théâtre de la Ville – Paris

“Snow White, you know the story, right? Well, of course you do, everybody knows that story… you know, the story of the idiosyncratic Queen who talks to her mirror to make sure she’s still the most beautiful woman in the Kingdom…
But let me tell you something: this is not how things happened. Not at all.

In this book, there is mention of a king. Once, on the first page. Then nothing. And that does not depend on the version. It’s always the same. Nobody gives a damn about Snow White’s father. And guess who Snow White’s father the King is: me. I’m the King. Udo, my name is Udo, but in the story, I’m just: “the King”. So where is this “king” hiding for all that time while his little girl is in danger? It’s strange, right? What’s he up to?
Something must have happened in his life to make him so transparent…like some ghost.
Maybe we could ask the “King” himself?
Would you like me to tell you my story?”

Udo, gone completely east narrates the fabulous story of Snow White’s father. A trapeze artist king, amnesic and unknown. He draws us into his world of memories and ghosts, in the snow and into the limelight of the circus ring. A whimsical journey, heading completely east, from the prologue of the tale deep into the USSR

Running Time: 50 minutes – For all audiences over the age of 8

Written and directed by Métilde Weyergans and Samuel Hercule
Original score: Mathieu Ogier

Costumes: Salomé Plas
Stage manager: Pierrick Corbaz
Lighting design: Bertrand Saillet and Véronique Marsy
Production and administration: Anaïs Germain, Caroline Chavrier

Performed by Quentin Ogier and Laurent Grais
With the onscreen participation of Valentine Cadic and Métilde Weyergans


Production : La Cordonnerie
Coproduced by the Théâtre de la Ville – Paris
Created as part of the “Inattendus” program, initiated by the Théâtre de la Ville, the SACD and the Festival Petits et Grands

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